Hello!!!! Thank you for family_profilestopping by my little corner of the world!  I am so happy you are here!!  The Oil Corner started as a way to share about essential oils, and has now evolved into a place for me to share about life.   Honestly, I am a woman trying to fulfill my roles in life, but find myself failing often, only to look back and laugh at the mistakes.   I love life, my family, natural living, coffee, my feet in the sand, sun on my face, child on my lap, time with my husband, and God.  Most days I do not give my kids an unhealthy snack, and hide in the closet for a moment of peace.  Most days that is…

My crunchy ways started when my first babe turned one and I got a bee in my bonnet to cloth diaper.  Next came making laundry soap, then our eating habits got an overhaul, and eventuallyallison4 a friend introduced me to essential oils and the rest is history.

After falling in love with the oils I realized it was the perfect niché.  A way to combine  my natural ways and my nursing education.  I received my oils and had a “what now?” moment.  The Oil Corner was started so others did not have the same feeling.  These oils are powerful, and I want you to feel confident using them.   Essential oils have transformed the cabinets in my home, and now when the kids have a need arise they say, “Hey mom! I need an oil.”

IMG_2123My Blog is my little area to share life, inspire, grow, and laugh.  To share my mom moments, ups, downs, and everywhere in between.   Being a mom is hard, and nowadays with the busyness and high expectations it can feel impossible.  You are NOT alone.  Let’s love and support one another.

Questions? Positive comments? Need a listening ear? Email me.

Hugs & Smiles,

~Allison, RN