Julia has a birthday coming up next month and has been very focused on her actual day of birth.   Wanting to know the sequence of events that brought her into this world.  She has been carrying around this little pink pig she received when she was a fresh babe still in the hospital.

Today we swung by the hospital. Julia was amazed to be visiting the place she was born, and the same place she received her precious piggie. It got me thinking how terrified, nervous and excited I was to have her.  Then the moment of relief when I heard her first cry.  All fears subsided.

Julia newborn
My sweet girl one day old

Holding her for the first time, smelling her, snuggling her.  Putting on homemade pink leggings for the first time, and seeing her smirk for the first time in my lap.  All at the same place I go to work.

She was completely enthralled by every detail I could brush the cobwebs off in my brain of her time there in the hospital.  How much hair she had, how everyone came to see her, how Cole looked at the cars outside, and how dark her hair was.

Today she is a thriving, funny 5 year old who just learned how to do her own ponytail, and dresses in her “own sense of fashion.”  Who loves to snuggle just like she did on her actual birth day.  To hear how much she is loved from the very moment she was born at the hospital.

It was so funny to me how running in to pick up some fliers made my kids see me in a different light.  It was like the looming word “work” held an actual place with actual people doing actual work.  Instead of this foreign “work” word.

Her bringing up her birth and how happy she is to hear about it over and over and over and over again makes me smile.  We drove away from the hospital with smiles on our faces talking about what each of their first moments were like on the birth days.

I think I might ask my mom about my birth day.