I don’t leave home without it kit. The dōTERRA Touch Kit is what I always have on my person. My youngest is two and I actually will have this on me more than an actual diaper bag, let alone diapers lol. 🙈
I love it because everything is pre-diluted and I don’t have to think about it. The kids and I love it!
Diaper Bag Essentials
What it includes and how we use it:

🔹Peppermint – used to cool me or the kiddos down after running around, or to give an energy boost in our busy lives

🔹Lavender- to calm emotions, all things skin related, bumps, burns, bug bites.

🔹Breathe – all things respiratory. A swipe on the chest or back has saved us many a times

🔹Digestzen – Any and all things tummy related. Overeat, too much sugar, funny tummy feelings, DIGESTZEN gets swiped around the belly button.

🔹Frankincense – when in doubt use frankincense. This is also great to support moods, and as an enhancer. For example if the kids get stung by a bee I would first apply lavender and then frankincense to enhance the lavender, and receive the ah-mazing benefits of frankincense.

🔹Deep Blue – This mamas go to for the “Mom Shoulders”, or when my muscles need some love.

🔹Melaleuca – Throat tickles, any hint of tugging at ears, scrapes & bumps.

🔹Oregano – Too support immunity when my kids have been exposed to an excess of grossness. Applied to bottoms of feet.

🔹On Guard – My portable hand sanitizer. Rubbed on the hands and rub it in. WA-lah!

🔹My own blend of Balance and Serenity so none of us are freaking our freak. Applied to wrists, and back of neck as needed.

That is what I have in my diaper bag. What about you?