When I am on Pinterest the idea of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects seem so simple. Immediately I have images floating through my head of the changes I could be making to my home.  The idea of a simple pinned project integrated into my home seems simple, cost effective, and possibly even fun.  I picture myself like I am most days, with my hair in a cute messy state, distressed jeans, a flannel that is perfect for my body type hugging in all the right places, my three kids behaving like the cherubs they are dressed in equal cuteness, conducting these projects in a clean tidy environment, and have astonishing results to show for it.

The reality is the only place these DIY projects happen is on one of my Pinterest boards. Not in my home.  Although I did run with the chalkboard paint idea for some cabinets in our little homeschool area.  Brilliant!  I so admire those with these creative talents, but unfortunately I do not have the patience or creative thinking to successfully plan and implement DIY projects to my actual home.  In the meantime I will pin away on Pinterest, and hope one of the home improvement shows pulls into my driveway and does a overhaul on my house.

So why is this post titled DIY  if I am so awful at DIY?  Well my friends,  even though I do not pursue home improvement DIY projects in my home, I do make a lot of things myself to use IN my home.  The things I make to use in my home are to lessen the toxins we are exposed to.  If I can eliminate harmful toxic chemicals myself, spouse and children are exposed to why wouldn’t I?  It really is quite simple.  Before going a bit crunchy after having my first child, if I were to run out of dryer sheets I would have to add them to my list of things to buy, and then go without using them until I went to the store again.  All of that has changed.  Now I use-you guessed it, dryer balls.

What are dryer balls?  This link shows a picture of them, what they are, and even how to make them yourself. She did such a nice job explaining Dryer balls are balls of wool yarn, rolled into balls, stuffed into panty hose, and the felted by being placed in the dryer on dry.  The end result is felted wool balls of yarn aka dryer balls.

  A simple google search of “dryer sheet facts”  will be all of the motivation you need to switch from conventional dryer sheets to wool dryer balls.  We are the proud owners of three wool dryer balls, which the kids may or not mistaken for balls to throw around the house from time to time.  I just consider these a multipurpose tool in our home.

To get the scent that dryer sheets provide you can add essential oils to your dryer balls to give your laundry the scent you would like.  Amazing right?  Not only do you get the non-toxic option but you get to choose how you want your laundry to smell by using essential oils.   And you do not have to keep on purchasing dryer sheets.  We have been using our dryer balls for several months now and they are still going strong.

Here are the essential oils we use in our laundry:

  1. Purify– used for pet bedding, cleaning rags, towels, or anything smelling moldy or stale.
  2. Serentiy – used for sheets and pajamas.
  3. Citrus Bliss or Wild Orange – everything else

Add 3-5 drops of the essential oil of your choosing to a couple dryer balls, put items in dryer and push start.  No more toxic chemicals added to the clothing you wear everyday.  Did you know our skin is our biggest organ?  To me that means what we put on our bodies matters as much as what we put in our bodies.

Take this simple step in creating a non-toxic environment in your home and say GOODBYE to dryer sheets and HELLO to dryer balls!

Have a Happy Day,