As a kid I absolutely loved rides.  Cedar Point bring it.  I would do any ride there was.  A few rides that stick out from the local Apple Festival are the Zipper (seriously? my parents let me in that carnival cage to be jerked and spun around?) and the spaceship (or was it a UFO) that spun round and round making it feel like your face was being pulled off.  Yup I could do them over and over again.  I also was at an advantage at a young age with my height.  While it took me a loooonnngggg time to appreciate my height when it came to riding rides and appearing older (hello teenage years) my height played on my side.  I was able to ride rides my friends and siblings could not.  And I took full advantage riding the Zipper until my tickets ran out.

Now that I am in my 30s the thought of them nauseate me.  Sitting in the back seat of a van nauseates me.  Flying. Yuck.  Any dreams I had of sharing my childhood memories with my kids on the Zipper are NE-VER going to happen (the blowing chunks reason is not the only one).

It did not occur to me until a friend pointed it out to me that I am sensitive to motion.   When she told me it was like a light bulb went off.  What I was feeling when I flew, or sat in the back of a vehicle was the constant need to eat.  Like if I ate something I would feel better.  The thing is that was not helping. AT. ALL.

Insert my little friends, an amazing duo.


 Peppermint & Ginger

Now prior to doing any of those things, flying, rides (my Zipper and space/UFO  spinning days are over) I take one drop of each internally.  Really I look pretty stupid the way I have been doing it.  I put one drop of each on the top of my hand and lick it off.  Very much like a puppy.  Gross I know.  But I am a busy mom trying to do certain things the easy way.  Have no fear my homemade hand cleanser is used immediately afterward.

An alternative way to do it is to place them in a veggie capsule, and save yourself the hand sanitizing.

So there you have it friends, my dynamic duo.  Please note Peppermint and Ginger have a bit (a lot) of a kick to them, so have a beverage handy.

Have a Happy Day!


**Please note my family uses a brand of essential oils we trust.  Please read the labels of any essential oils you use, and follow the instructions.  ***