Is your glass half empty or half full?  I asked this question to a colleague of mine recently whom one would say is a tell it how it is kind of girl.  Her response, “Half empty.  If you went to go to a restaurant and were brought a half a glass of water what would you think?”  Touche.  While she took it in a literal way it got me thinking about why are we the way we are.

Recently I listened to a speech by an amazing lady Laura Jacobs.  She referenced the book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol K. Truman.   In a nutshell it touched on the importance of our emotions and the effect they have on our health.  What we think and say effect who we are.  How we are raised and subject to effect how we are today.  And most importantly disease starts in the heart.  Meaning our emotions can and do effect our overall health.

It is easy for me to wonder why other people are the way they are.  But what about me?  Why do I have the shortcomings or feelings I have.  What am I reaching for and how can I work with what I have and be better.  Do better.

First off I can change my mindset.  Instead of saying, “I really suck at cooking” I can say,”Well kids looks like it is eggs and toast again tonight.” Kidding.  I  say, “I am capable of cooking.”  What we say silently in our heads and out loud impacts who we are.  If I say, “I suck at cooking” over and over.  Am I going to be a good cook?  Heck no, I will keep believing that and not try cooking.  This is a super simple example.  Try replacing the word cooking with something that resonates with you.

Change your thoughts.  Change your patterns.  Believe in yourself.  Focus on your strengths.  You are capable of anything you dream.   You have to believe it.

Our emotions matters.  What we breathe in effects our mood instantly.  Think of it this way.  When you drive by the local dump or your sewer has backed up into your house do you feel warm and fuzzy inside? No way.  Without fail someone, possibly yourself, interjects out of no where, “Do you SMELL that?!! Oh my goodness I am going to puke.  This is terrible.  Where is a bag?”  Right?!

Negative smells= Negative Emotions

The same thing happens when we smell something lovely from our childhood like grandma’s cookies.  Instantly we relax and say, “Oh my goodness that smells SOOOO good.”  Our bodies relax and a sense of euphoria settles over our bodies.

Positive Smells = Positive Emotions

One of the beauties of essential oils is the choice to use the oils you need to meet your emotional needs, and help you through difficult times.  One of the beautiful items doTERRA has come out with is the Emotional Aromatherapy System which contains six oils to help you.  And just today they have released the same system in a perfectly diluted form to apply topically.

Emotional Aromatherapy

I am a work in progress. Motherhood brings out some pretty incredible emotions somedays.  My kids need these just as much as I need these.  Between putting on some oils, working on our mindsets, focusing on the cans instead of the can nots, we are emotionally in a good place. Which in turns mean we are healthier.  Having a few handy tools makes life so much more peaceful and manageable on all days.

Emotions matter.  The question is how do you manage your emotions?

Much Love,