Frankincense oh how I love thee.  You help the puffiness go down, help keep my cells healthy,  rejuvenate and beautify skin, balance  mood, and enhance the effects of the other oils in my cabinet.

King Of Oils

When in doubt use Frankincense.

I also like to refer to Frankincense as the enhancer.  Meaning if you put on an oil, Peppermint for example,  and need the cooling effect to be taken to the next level, apply Frankincense on top  (called layering) to enhance the effects of the Peppermint.  This applies to all of the oils.  Have a wart, use Oregano (very carefully it is a hot oil), and then layer with Frankincense.  Adding the Frankincense will only benefit the use of the other oils.

How my family uses Frankincense:

Topically.  Mostly for its enhancing effects.  Frankincense is a precious (ah-hem expensive oil).  For example: muscle aches or exercise problems I apply Soothing Blend and then layer with Frankincense.  When I have head/neck tension I layer Lavender, Peppermint, and then end with Frankincense.

Every morning/evening I use it with coconut oil as a facial moisturizer.  Frankincense is excellent for the skin.

I love Grounding Blend on my feet, and on a particularly hard day I will apply Grounding Blend, and then layer with Frankincense.

It also has a warming affect when applied

Aromatically:  Frankincense has a distinct smell.  Some use it in yoga or during meditation to promote feelings of relaxation.  Personally it is one I rarely diffuse.

Internally:  1-2 drops under my tongue when I am feeling puffy, or like my immunity needs a boost.  Helps to promote healthy cellular function

Kiddos: Again I mostly use for its enhancing effects, and layer this.  Bug bites, minor burns, scrapes, bee stings,  blisters, etc.   Very soothing to the skin.

Frankincense truly is an oil that can be used for just about anything.  Its benefits do not end in this short post.

Contact me to learn more, and get your hands on this precious oil.

Have A Happy Day!