One of the best pieces of advise I can give to parents is to teach your kids about oils.  The kids love to make up their own rollerballs (with supervision).  It makes them feel accomplished.  Oils are their go too.  Whether they are not feeling their best, are moody, whatever.  They all know there are essential oils to help them out.

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Julia will tell you if she thinks you need and oil or one of her brothers do.  It is simply our way of life.  The best part is they work every time.  What I love to hear is them giving each other recommendations based on what has worked for them.

Everett my two-year old can tell you where to apply your oils, and how much he loves them.

Empower and educate your children.  Essential oils can be their norm.  Get them involved.  Teach them safety. Live an oil filled life.

Happy Day!