Basil.  Isn’t that a spice?  Yes my friends it is.  It is a wonderful little plant with its own essential oils on it, and when those little oils are distilled off those cute little leaves it provides us with one more tool for this mama’s toolbelt.

The good news is you can use it in your favorite dishes when fresh basil is unavailable.***

Basil also has other uses.  I love that about oils.  They are multi-purpose.


Here is how my family uses Basil:


  •  Applied to lower abdomen during times of feminine discomfort.
  • During workouts to help cool me down and perk me up.  1-2 drops on the back of my neck.  Occasionally I will do one drop Basil with one drop Peppermint.
  • Bottoms of feet. 1-2 drops when seasonal threats are high.
  • Used on bug bites, and as an insect repellent.


Used along with a few other oils like, Lime, and Bergamot to promote a sense of focus, to help promote mental alertness and lessen anxious feelings in our homeschool room.


When cooking to add some flava flave.  1 drop goes a looonngg way.

Diffuser Recipe:

2 drops Basil
2 Drops Lime
2 Drops Bergamot

I am new to learning the benefits of Basil.  The more I learn, the more I use it, and the more I love it.  I will keep adding to this as I learn more.

Have A Happy Day,