Let me preface this by saying I love my children. Each one. But…having baby #3 threw me for a loop. Before him I found joy in running. Since having him it has been so much harder to find time to run. Now I am getting back into it (he is almost two), but my legs feel like lead balloons, my shirt keeps riding up, and the music on my iPod is over two years old. I know once I get there the joy will be back. In the meantime to keep me motivated I committed to running a 5k-on halloween no less. The race is called “frightening 5k.” I am not sure who it will be more frightening for. Me? Or the people who will have to witness me bopping my head to my iPod, playing the air drums, and applying my much needed Respiratory Blend.

IMG_1748For people who are unfamiliar with essential oils, the sight of someone pulling out a little bottle, dripping mystery liquid from bottle onto the palms of their hands, rubbing mystery liquid on their chest, across the bridge of their nose, and then taking a deep inhale from their hands and smiling, may look a bit weird.

***Warning: You will feel awesome and refreshed after using Respiratory Blend, but people may look at you funny. Real funny. ***

The good news? It is okay! Not everyone has had the opportunity to learn about essential oils. Believe me once someone tries yourRespiratory Blend oil, they will be seeking you out the next time they want to have feelings of clear airways.

Respiratory Blend is a blend of oils. Meaning it is not just one individual oil bottled up. Some of the oils in the Respiratory Blend are eucalyptus, peppermint, melaleuca, and cardamom.

How we use Respiratory Blend:

Topically applied 1-2 drops mixed with carrier oil will help spread it over a larger area example chest, or back. For sensitive skin or children dilute with a carrier oil to any of the following places:

  • Across bridge of nose
  • Above eyebrows (avoid eyes!)
  • Chest
  • Upper back
  • Bottoms of feet (small toes specifically).

Aromatically. 1-2 drops onto palms of hand, rub hands together, cup hands around face (avoiding touching eyes) and take a deep breath in through your nose.  This is what is called a scent tent.

Diffuser. 4-6 drops in the diffuser when seasonal threats are high.

Diffuser Recipe. Add with Calming Blend or Lavender to diffuser to promote restful sleep. 2-4 drops of each.

Kiddos. Mainly I diffuse Respiratory Blend with the kids during the cooler seasons. I do have a premade roller bottle of Respiratory Blend I will apply to the bottoms of their feet when it is needed. To spice it up I will add a drop of lime and/or frankincense to the roller bottle, but it is not necessary.

Respiratory Blend is not for internal use. Topically and aromatically are the ways to benefit from this essential oil.

I will have it with me at the Frightening 5k along with my air drums!

Happy Day!