I have a vision.  A vision that does not look like the typical American 9-5 dream.  A vision to not live by a clock.  To live in each moment.  To laugh, and just be.  Be present in each moment.  Putting phones away and any other distractions.  A place of complete relaxation.  Do you see my vision?

A while back I started something I NEVER thought I would do.  And like I like to do I was controlling, and planning everything. Everything.

Guess what happened when things didn’t go my way?  My world crumbled, and I felt like I was failing.  Like I had tried to conquer my fears and in turn did not accomplish my goals.  Why did I have such a need to control everything, when I am not the One in control?

My desires to reach my vision are so much greater than my fears.  I may stumble, but I will not fail.  Each time I need to pick myself back up I am learning something.  Something to better myself and hopefully someone else.

I see growth and a much better version of myself that has unlimited potential.  I have faith in Him to take charge of this journey I am on.  To bring the right people to walk alongside me in something so much bigger than I am.

Letting go of control has made life so much clearer.

Less worry.

Less fear.

More  desire.

More  Vision.  

You can accomplish your vision, conquer your fears, and create the life you dream of.  Give it to Him and your journey will be limitless.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” ~ Phillipians 4:13

Hugs & Smiles,