Confessions. I forgot deodorant today. While backing out of the garage this morning my side mirror and the garage became close friends 😬. My husband and kids are Star Wars fans and we have more light sabers in our house than people. I always have a hair tie on my person and I did not today.

I am not sure which was the bigger concern since we ventured to Chicago to visit the Museum of Science and Industry. Leaving behind my deodorant, hair tie, the light sabers, and dent in the garage.

Life Sabers
We arrive at the museum and this mom morphs into her inner pack mule. Loading the stroller with the cooler, diaper bag, water bottles, and toddler. We make it safely inside, and our adventures begin. Within about two minutes I am glowing, and my hair is sticking to the back of my neck. I reach for my hair tie that isn’t there. Okay no problem, I will survive. A few more minutes and the dreaded tackiness in my armpits starts. Then I am racking my brain trying to remember if between breakfast, brushing teeth, and loading the car if I ever went back to put on deodorant. A discreet whiff test confirms that is definite no.

One thing I ALWAYS keep in the diaper bag are my set of dōTERRA touch roller bottles (don’t they look like mini light sabers?). I love these because they are pre-diluted for easy kiddo application and in this came mama application. So a little lavender under the arms to solve one problem, and while I was at it a little peppermint on my neck to help cool me down. Win win.

So while we left the light sabers at home this time, these gems were my life savers today. Making them my life sabers. Okay the Star Wars fad needs to end 😂. Now I only need to tell my husband about the mirror and garage… May the force be with me. (Last one I promise!)