Essential Oils

Since Valentine’s Day is upon us let’s talk about Women’s Blend.  Valentine’s Day for me is just a reminder to keep the love and passion in my marriage.  Because if I am being real, a night without the kids ordering in food, putting on my sweats, and watching a movie on the couch without a child coming out every five minutes for a drink, hug, or excuse sounds like an excellent time.  Valentine’s is a reminder that sometimes a mama needs to feel like a woman, put the sweats aside and have some fun.

Ladies.  Hormones.  Meet Women’s Blend.  The Oil of Femininity. Women’s Blend can help calm emotions,tension, irritability and help a woman feel like a woman (I am triggering my inner Shania Twain today).  Different stages in life bring changes in our bodies, mind, and emotions.  Ladies, Women’s Blend is here to help.

Women’s Blend is a blend of oils including but not limited to Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Jasmine, Cinnamon, Vetiver, and Sandalwood.  Each woman has their own unique body chemistry and Women’s Blend will smell a little bit different on everyone because our body chemistry’s are all different.  This is also known as a Perfume Blend.  Women appreciate the smell and wear it as a perfume receiving the benefits of the oils, as well as a personalized perfume.

How To Use:


Apply to pulse points (wrists & neck) to wear like a perfume.  Not only will you smell lovely but you will receive the benefits of the oils as well.   One drop will be plenty, dilute with a carrier oil for those with sensitive skin.

For those who do not care for the smell or do not want to use as a perfume then apply to the bottom of your big toe, rub in, and put on socks.  You will receive the therapeutic benefits of the oils this way, but not the perfume effect.


3-4 drops in the diffuser.

After applying topically inhale the scent from your hands.

Women’s Blend is a fun little oil, and will be my oil to get me out of my sweats, into a dress, and celebrate the love in my life.

Have a Happy Day!