Fair warning this post is full of new mama hood, common sense and some tools I am so grateful to have.  Essential oils are tools. What I like to call Mama’s Tool Belt.  My first line of defense when we have something that needs attention. But I don’t always only use my oils. Gasp!  For instance back in May I had one of those great mom moments.

A friend of mine and I along with 6 of our 7 kiddos met at the local zoo.  We go to the zoo a lot, it is relatively small, the kids know the drill and route we take each and every time.  This friend and I are catching up as best we can as our kids weave in and out of our legs, point at the lions, feed the fish, and then we cross the street to have a picnic lunch and play at the park.  We were meeting up at the park with another friend who had just had her first baby 6 weeks ago.   When we walked up pushing our strollers up hill like the champions we are, our friend was standing there looking like we all did when our first baby was six weeks old.  The reality and fatigue of new motherhood is at its peak.  The newness and novelty of snuggling and feeding your little baby is still there but man are you tired!   I know I was.  We love these tiny little humans, but the struggle is real.

Anyway, when we walked up our new mama friends opening line is, “why do you guys keep having them?”  Not hello, nothing.  Her eyes were scanning our kids and then looked at us like we had lost our minds.

Me? I fumbled.  She is one of the happiest and positive people I know.  Mama of four and I exchanged looks, and she says something like, “it gets better and you just love them.” I was hit with the reality that this friend needed to pore her heart over how her life had changed by entering motherhood.

So while she is doing just that we manage to get the other kids fed, and then some of them run off to play.  I am attempting to clean up our lunch mess, listen, and only occasionally push down my 18 month old who keeps standing up in his stroller.  I know there are buckles but that is not the point.  He was ready to move.  In the meantime Mama of four has visual on the kids who are playing, while she is nursing her baby, and listening to the all too familiar memories of  new babyhood.

Just a normal trip to the park right?

New mama is sharing her heart and her little cherub is sound asleep in his stroller.  We are offering the tips and tricks we have learned with our babies, and the next thing I know my 4 year old has her hand in my face,  bleeding, and she is hysterical.  Hysterical!  I wipe off her finger with my last wet wipe, and realize this is pretty bad.

My first thought is “She needs more than oils. She needs stitches.”  I look at my friends (both nurses) and we all agree this is an ER visit. With the help of the other mamas we get packed up and head to the emergency room. While en route I reach into my bag and apply some essential oils to help calm my nerves and my little girls nerves.

My sweet girl all stitched and bandaged up.

Fortunately, when we got to the ER a friend of mine was working and got my little girls finger stitched up nice.  Even during the shot of lidocaine before the stitches, with the foot-long (not really) needle, she remained completely chill. There was not a hint of hysteria involved. None. My child needed stitches, and the tip of her little pinky was broken. And the whole time she was a gem.

 My tool belt of essential oils is just that. My tools.  Wonderful tools with a multitude of uses.  I mean Lavender can help with itching, calm nerves, be applied to burns, etc.  That is one oil I always have in my tool belt.  Who wouldn’t?

My point to all of this is there is a time and a place for essential oils.  En route to the hospital we applied essential oils to help calm our nerves.  During the healing process of her pinky we applied oils to promote healing.  I made an owie spray which she benefited from therapeutically and it also prevented the stitches from getting too dry, making it easier when they had to be removed.  Once the stitches were removed I used another oil to help with scarring and itching.

Traditional and western medicine can compliment one another.  If we are fighting something in my home am I going to use my oils? Absolutely.  If it progresses to something more intense will I call her pediatrician? Yes. If my child breaks a leg or needs stitches am I going to the ER? Yes.  It is about using common sense.

We have very few items in our medicine cabinet that you would find at a drugstore.  Mostly things like cotton balls, witch hazel, hydrogen peroxide, gauze etc. Mama’s tool belt is what we turn to.  When my kids get hurt or are in a funk, they either ask for the oils, or I say “Hey come here for a sec.”  and I get the response, “Are you going to put some oils on me? Which one?” They just know.

Educating yourself and others on the use and benefits of essential oils is key.   The uses of them are immense, and they will continue to be my first line of defense in my home.  The decision is yours.  Do you have a tool belt?