Oil Supplies

I love singing along with the radio.  Turning up the volume to a good song with the windows down is something I really enjoy.  Unfortunately, I do not have the gift of hearing what the actual words to a song are or any musical talent for that matter.  Are you familiar with the song from about 10+ years ago by Akon called I’m so lonely.  It sounds like the chipmunks are joining in with him in the chorus.  No? Yes?  Well I was not hearing the words I’m so lonely. I heard I’m spumoni.  I thought it was odd they were singing about ice cream, but well yeah.  My boyfriend at the time and I were playing a game with another couple, the song came on and I was killing them all by joining in singing.  After the first I’m spumoni my boyfriend stopped me and asked if I really thought those were the words.  I answered yes.  Silence filled the room.  Then everyone started laughing telling me the actual words were I’m so lonely.  Fortunately that same boyfriend asked me to marry him and I still sing along with the radio, wrong words and all.

I admire people who have the ability to understand a foreign language, or hear the correct words to a song.  I am not one of those people.  I do not have that gift.  Could I learn? Yes, but it would not be easy.  That is kind of how I felt when started with essential oils.  It was a foreign language.  My desire to use these oils in my home was strong.  But where did I start?

Remember how I said I bought this big kit of oils, tried a few things, and then kind of ignored the fact I had just spent my hard earned money on something I did not know how to use.  I did not know where to start.  Dilute your oils for your kids, and put into pre-made roller bottles?  That was a foreign language.  What is a roller bottle?  Where do I buy glass spray bottles to put my citrus oils in?

Here is my list of must haves to make your essential oil using experience a successful one:

Diffuser(s).  I started with one diffuser and have eventually added one to each bedroom, kitchen, living room, our homeschool area, and entry way.  Initially I moved the only one I had to the room I desired its effects. We no longer burn candles.  Diffusers have replaced our candles.

Roller bottles.   If you have children, have sensitive skin, or prefer the convenience of just rolling an oil on, roller bottles are a must have.  The two most common sizes are 5 mL (a teaspoon), and 10mL (2 teaspoons).

Stickers.  My kit came with individual oil stickers.  Appropriately labeling your roller bottles and glass bottles is a must.  Believe me you will not remember what is in those bottles forever.

Glass spray bottles.  When using citrus oils they need to be used in glass or stainless steel bottles.  Personally, I have tried to eliminate using a lot of plastic in my home so this was a natural progression for us.  We use spray bottles to make air fresheners, household cleaners, bug sprays, toilet “poo-pouri,” linen sprays, hair detangler, cool down spray for workouts, the list goes on for uses.

Carrier Oils to dilute.  Fractionated coconut oil and almond oil are my preferred oils to use in the roller bottles.  Regular coconut oil is also a must have to use oils in massage, and with oils you need to dilute topically but are not necessarily using in a roller bottle.

Booklet/Books/Trusted websites.  It can be as simple as a little A-Z guide with tips and tricks on how to use your oils.  A book with a plethora of information on different uses for your oils.  Not everything on the internet can be trusted so please use caution and educate yourselves on essential oil safety.

Mentor.  A mentor is someone you can text/call or email when you have questions and just need to talk it out.

I have bought supplies from amazon, aromatools, & shareoils.  Those are not the only places to buy supplies, just a few I have tried.

The main reason for starting this blog is to educate others on how to use their essential oils.  For those of you who have not yet started your essential oil journey and would like to learn more please fill out the contact info on the right and I will get in touch with you.  If you are wondering where to get started on your oil journey and want to be a part of my team, I start each person out ahead of the game with roller bottles, a glass spray bottle, a booklet, and you have me to mentor you. To teach you and enpower you in your home with your essential oils.

Have a Happy Day!