Roller bottles how I love thee.

You make it so simple to use oils on the kiddos.

You help me conserve my oil supply.

You make my life convenient.

You let me combine my oils into combinations that I love, and work for us.


Lets start with the different sizes and how we use them:

1 mL-these would be used for samples or for a very small travel size option.  Possibly if you were experimenting with combining your oils, and were not wanting to use a 5 mL bottle quite yet.


(Isn’t it cute?)


5 mL  – holds one teaspoon.  My personal favorite size roller bottle.  I like how it provides the convenience of a roller bottle for application, in a small pocket size.  I would prefer to have two 5 mL with the same recipe (combination of oils) compared to one 10 mL bottle.  That way I can always have one in the diaper bag, purse whatever, and one handy in the house.  I always have one on me that someone cleverly named Singing the Blues.  It is a combination of Elevation and Citrus Bliss topped off with fractionated coconut oil.  We have nicknamed it Sunshine in our house.


10 mL -holds two teaspoons.  These are nice for oil combinations you use all the time, or for a specific purpose during times when seasonal threats are high.  We have one with a combination of Breathe, Eucalyptus and Frankincense for when we need an extra boost of  respiratory support in the winter months.  Most recipes on the internet are made for this size roller bottle.  Cut recipes in half if using a 5 mL bottle.


  • Label Label Label.  I cannot tell you how many times in my new oil using days I thought I would remember the combo I had put into a roller bottle, and then did not.  The best way is to use an address label or simply a piece of paper listing what is in the roller bottle, and how many drops of each oil.  And then covering the label with packing tape to make it waterproof.

Essential oil with rosemary and fresh green leaves

(quick mockup of example. Mine are cuter)
  • Apply oils to reflex points on your feet, pulse points (wrists & neck) behind ears, and back of neck as needed.  When I am using essential oils for mood and emotional support I apply them as needed, up to hourly.
  • When putting the actual roller ball part into the top, it can be a bit tough.  Be sure your hands are dry so you do not accidentally tip the bottle over, and spill your oils.  Been there done that.
  • If using citrus oils please be sure to try and keep the roller bottles upright, the citrus oils can breakdown the actual roller ball part.  More companies are coming out with a stainless steel or glass roller ball option.
  • Use them!  The best thing you can do is use them, that is why they are there 🙂
  • Find combinations that work for you and spread the love by sharing with others the awesome  oil combinations you use or come up with.

Why I love roller bottles:

  • Diluted for convenience to use on the kids.
  • Easy to use, the kids can do it themselves.  We have one called Brave with a combination of Lavender & Balance  to help ease nerves and anxious feelings kept in the car (now that it is no longer hot here in the midwest).
  • They help me save oil.  By diluting I am still receiving the therapeutic benefits, and I am no longer accidently dripping extra drops in my hands from the bottles.  While I do not  mind a little extra essential oil, one to two drops is all I need.
  • Convenient.
  • Versatile.
  • Fun.

I was sent this picture by a friend of mine and thought it would be nice to share for mama’s who are wondering how much to dilute essential oils with for  their kiddos.

FullSizeRender (9)

(If anyone knows where this is from please let me know so I can give photo credit and thank them)

Have A Happy Day!