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By: Allison Dreher, RN

Registered Nurse Essential Oil Education

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The Oil Corner is a place for fun, community, and becoming the best version of yourself.  Learn more here.  

Creator for women by women.  Balanced hormones are vital to feeling great, losing weight, and having great sex.  Go here to learn more. 

Blog started March 2019

I may be 20 years behind but starting a blog in a new and fun way is important to me.  I am holding nothing back in the blog portion which is also available in audio recordings here. 🙂

First things first

First, all homes need the top ten essential oils.  Watch the video put together by two mama’s without any technology training:). 

Most importantly, they are so simple to use and will get you ready to rock, roll, and replace some traditional items.  After you get started with a starter kit (see details here) you will also get Bare Mama Hormones Unleashed ($199 value) for free!!  

Secondly, it does not matter if you are a crunchy mama with a homestead or a Drive-thru Sue. Women are the heartbeat of their families.  

A vital piece to to how your whole family functions.  Everyone needs doTERRA essential oils to achieve being the woman you were created to be.  And let’s face it, it all comes down to hormones.  

In conclusion, the better you feel, the better your hormones are balance, the stronger your family will be.   The best ripple effect. 


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Truth Bombs

What If sex could keep getting better?

 In other words, I believe that intimacy and intercourse should only get better with time.  As a result, if someone had told me how to use essential oils in the bedroom years ago I would have been thrilled, as well as my husband.  

Women's Balanced Hormones

Most importantly, when hormones are balanced you will sleep better, are healthier, have a stronger libido, more energy, and optimal metabolism.  And guess what?  Certainly, doTERRA Essential Oils will help you do just that. 


In other words, you deserve to feel your best.  However, different seasons of life can wreak havoc on our hormones. Get balanced hormones and get happy. 

Taking care of the Whole Woman

No matter what season of life you are in you deserve to take care of you.  Little changes today will lead to big outcomes in the future.  With that being said…What are you waiting for?

What the Bible Says About Intimacy

Did you know there is a whole book in the Bible dedicated to intimacy?  Yeah, it’s pretty juicy.  And to top it off there is lots of talk of frankincense, spikenard, and more.    Essential oils have been used in the bedroom for MANY years….and for good reason 😉

Safe, Effective, Natural

doTERRA is the most trusted and most tested essential oils in the world.  No other oils will give you the therapeutic benefits you are looking for. 

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