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Mom First. Woman Second.

Let’s reverse that.  The stronger of a woman you are the better of a parent you will be.  Whether you are a mama, want to be a mama, or lost a babe and aren’t a mama on earth you are a mama.  

First, I could not figure out why I was on the struggle bus in life.  Second, even though to the outside world my life looked perfect, they didn’t see what I was feeling on the inside.  

So, I started diving into hormones and stumbled upon the fact that them being out of whack meant an uphill battle unless I could figure something out.  

Finally, I learned I could use my doTERRA essential oils to help get to the root of the cause.  As a result, discovering exactly how to support my body with a completely safe option.

My Background

In 2007 I officially became a Registered Nurse. Spending a majority of 10 years in Labor and Delivery, and loving it.  

 At the time, I had been using doTERRA essential oils for almost a year to support my families health, no clue at the time how essential oils could help hormones. 

Unfortunately, after my 4th baby, my hormones were a complete wreck. 

As a result, I started researching natural alternatives and realized, I already had a gold mine with my essential oils.  

Be Funny

Bare Mama Hormones Unleashed

Bare Mama Hormones Unleashed started as a little project on my road of feeling better.  

The better I was feeling had a ripple effect on my whole family.  

And I know I am not alone.  Women need hormonal support. 

Bare Mama Hormones Unleashed is about taking back control of our hormones and the beginning of becoming the women we were created to be.  

For more information on essential oils basics watch the video on the homepage here.


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Supporting the Whole Woman

Life is A Gift

Supporting women is such a gift.  My husband told me once that I was the heartbeat of our family, the worse I felt the more it impacted the family.  Subsequently, the better I felt had an even more positive impact on our families life.

Above all, as uncomfortable as it made me at first to talk about sex and women’s hormones on the internet, I know I am not alone.  This is a topic that needs a fun and safe place for real women to have real results.  

Allison Dreher
Allison Dreher
Allison Dreher
Allison Dreher
Allison Dreher
Allison Dreher