Days for Girls, doTERRA, Empowering women and girls worldwide
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doTERRA Empowering Women and Girls Around the WOrld

{Periods and proud}

Picture it…our 14-year-old niece in the kitchen with her mom, myself, and my husband Derek.  Now growing up periods and bodily functions were not topics of conversation.  A far cry from how we are currently.  

Anyway, she starts talking about these MONDO MAXI PADS she is wearing.  And every time she moves she feels and hears a crunching sound.  We crack up laughing at this new brand she is trying out.  Derek on the other hand chuckles but had that,”Okaayyy, she just went there face.”

However, it wasn’t a big deal to the teenager at all.  She is confident and comfortable with what her body is doing, including laughing at the maxi pad situation.  

Empowering our girls in life is vital to cultivating strong and confident women.  Little women in the making need support in all that they do. 

Worldwide impact for health opportunity and dignity days for girls

Little Women in the Making

Earlier generations referred to a period as “the curse” but does it have to be that?  What if we stopped looking at periods as a curse but as an incredible way to identify what exactly is going on with our hormones.  In Bare Mama Hormones Unleashed I dive into the menstrual cycle and the hormone fluctuations in an incredibly simple way.  

Fortunately, I live in a country that isn’t shamed in the same way girls are in some other countries.  With that being said, I hope that the relationship with my own daughter continues on the path of comfort and communication.  This is imperative to my little woman feeling confident with the changes in her body.  Not only identifying what is going on with her body but to also give her tools to support the ebbs and flows of emotions.  

doTERRA Empowering Women and Girls Globally Supporting the Whole Woman

doTERRAs' Global Impact

As you may know by now I am Registered Nurse turned Wellness Advocate with the leading essential oil company in the world.  doTERRA not only has the most tested and trusted essential oils in the world, with science to support essential oil usage.  doTERRA is also a huge advocate for Days For Girls. An organization created to support girls and provide opportunity to all.  

As a consumer in America it is important to me that the businesses I support provide excellent customer service with a heart to impact the world for good.  doTERRA fits that bill and is one of the many reasons why I chose them to not only purchase essential oils from but partner with in creating a business.  Empowering women around the world to better themselves and feel their best.   Supporting our bodies with items God put on earth to optimize how our bodies function.  

Using doTERRA essential oils is more than pretty smelling oils in cute bottles.  It is about supporting the whole woman, hormones, healthy sexuality, confidence, hair, skin, and emotional health.   The list goes on with all of the ways doTERRA essential oils can support our bodies.  Not all essential oils are created equal and doTERRA has risen above to provide the best and safest essential oils in the world today.

days for girls support women globally

" When we mobilize girls and women, their communities and our world grow stronger. We are changing the status quo, through quality menstrual care solutions, health education, and income-generation opportunities"

Thank you vip's

doTERRA is helping alleviate poverty and shame around the world with works like days for girls, co-impact sourcing, healing hands foundation, operation underground rail.  And know that with your help and choosing The Oil Corner to support your doTERRA essential oil journey you are able to support women, children, and families around the world.  
Thank you to all of The Oil Corner VIP’s!  

You are very much appreciated!
Over & Out,

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Author: Allison Dreher