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A Wholesale customer receives 25% off of retail prices for one year.  When you get started with a starter/enrollment kit it includes your $35 wholesale customer membership fee. 

 For example, the Home Essentials Kit is 9 full-size bottles of essential oils (approximately 250 drops per bottle) and one smaller size bottle of essential oil (approximately 85 drops), a diffuser, and wholesale membership for $275.  Even more impressive is after one year you can renew your wholesale membership for $25.   As a result you will receive a free bottle of peppermint essential oil (retail $29.33).  Most importantly by getting started here  you will also receive:

VIP Customer Access ($500 annual value)

Entered into Exclusive Monthly Giveaways

Get Bare Mama Hormones Unleashed ($199 value) for free

Bare Mama Hormones Unleashed is exclusively available to current and new Wholesale Customers and Wellness Advocates here at The Oil Corner with a qualifying starter/enrollment kit.  This course is full of education valued at $199.  It is not available for purchase.

First, doTERRA sends a great booklet that will come with your starter kit.  Second, be on the lookout for an email from me (doterraoilcorner@gmail.com) within 48 hours after placing your order.  More often than not the email is sent the same day, but I am a real mama who likes to unplug every now and again 🙂 

In this email, you will be given access to everything you have qualified for depending on which starter kit you choose.  More information here.

As a result of getting started here at the Oil Corner, you can be confident that we are here to support you.

After placing your starter kit order you will get an email from doTERRA with login information.  You can order at your convenience 24/7.

All orders are sent directly from doTERRA.

The awesome thing about doTERRA is you will get your own login to order whenever you would like.  Of course, I am here to help you and support you but all orders are done online at your convenience.  

There is a program called Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) which you can CHOOSE to take advantage of if you would like.  However, it is completely optional.

As a wholesale customer you are unable to sell or create a business with doTERRA.  However, if you want to build a business you can upgrade to a Wellness Advocate for free at anytime. 

Becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate was never something I envisioned I would do.  I promise to never pressure or even bring it up unless you do :).

We understand that after getting started with doTERRA essential oils that you will want access to Bare Mama Hormones Unleashed.  Therefore, if you get started with a smaller starter kit here at The Oil Corner you will still be able to get it for free after three consecutive months orders of 50PV or more, or by taking advantage of a 200pv promotion doTERRA runs a handful of times a year.

This way you are saving time and saving money.  Subsequently, investing into your families health and increasing your essential oil stash while still getting Bare Mama Hormones Unleashed for free :). 

Unfortunately, this education, laughter, and community are for the people who get started with a doTERRA Oil Corner Wellness Advocate.  If you are unsure if you got started with a doTERRA Oil Corner Wellness Advocate email me (doterraoilcorner@gmail.com).  

All starter kits (there are smaller options available here) will get full access to our VIP Customer Portal with 48 hours of ordering.   Be on the lookout for your welcome email from me (doterraoilcorner@gmail.com) 🙂

Below is a picture of the return policy.  If for some reason you return your doterra products and have been given Bare Mama Hormones Unleashed your login with also be terminated. 

However, it is very rare someone doesn’t fall in love with all of their oils 🙂 

View doTERRA’s policy here.

doterra return policy
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