Medicine vs. Essential OIls

Medicine vs. Essential Oils-The Choice is Yours

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Medicine vs. Essential oils

{which should you choose?}

As a registered nurse who has given hundreds of medications during my hospital career and also a mother with a natural approach there is the big question….Do you use medicine OR essential oils?

The answer is balance.  As a matter of fact the world needs to wake up and stop feeling like they need to choose.  In this article I am going to breakdown my thought process on why we need to stop living in one box (medicine) OR another (essential oils). 

Allison Dreher

What is Medicine?

First, let’s SIMPLY break down what medicine is.  Medicine is FDA approved (in the United States) and regulated by certain parameters of testing.  Available for purchase by either over the counter or by a physician given prescription.  It is used to lessen symptoms and help the body after it has acquired a symptom, infection, or disease within the body.

Second, medications are synthetic (or man made) and most often include ingredients that can be difficult for the body to utilize and recognize.  Most often resulting in side effects.  Keep in mind this is at a VERY basic level of what medication is.  

Third, medications can and do provide you with an excellent option for reacting to a healthcare problem.  For example, emergencies, traumas, accidents, and a whole slew of other instances when medicine can save lives.  


doterra essential oils

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the protective layer on the surface (in most cases) of plants, fruits, flowers, etc.  The reason plants thrive is because of these protective oils.  Like food, our bodies recognize and utilize organic (from the earth) substances, because like plants we are organic beings.  

We have to realize that humanity has not existed for thousands of years without the use of herbs, essential oils, and other items here on earth.  

Essential oils have the uncanny ability to actually penetrate cell walls and clean from within.  This is something that sets them apart from mainstream medicine.  

In the United States essential oils are not regulated by the FDA, making it important to choose a company that has incredibly high standards and is committed to scientific research.  Essential oils in the USA are supplements not medicine.  

Why the argument?

So, why is there a huge debacle at times over choosing one or the other?  There shouldn’t be.  Just like medicine is not the cure all be all, neither are essential oils.  It is about finding the balance where your life fits into each of these.

As a mom I deeply desire for my kids to not be dependent on medication.  My thought being that if they traveled the world for a year they wouldn’t have to worry about something like a monthly prescription.  Are there exceptions?  Absolutely.  

However, we as parents and as the owners of our own bodies we need to wake up and take responsibility for our actions and choices about what we put in and on our bodies.  

This does not mean perfection, this means awareness.  

doTERRA Oil COrner Allison dreher, medicine vs. essential oils

quality matters

If you are using essential oils from a company that is not committed to purity and science then you will not get the results you are looking for with essential oils.  However, if you choose doTERRA essential oils you will see their commitment to science, and the highest level of purity

Unlike “over the counter” essential oils doTERRA’s are the most tested and trusted essential oils in the world today.  

The recent hype over the last decade talking about the effectiveness of essential oils happened because doTERRA (founded in 2008) showed up with integrity to only put the actual essential oils from the plants into bottles.  

Other essential oils that you will come across do have 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils but the hidden ingredients in the bottles will do more harm than good, and not give you the results you are seeking.  And have therefore left people thinking that essential oils are ineffective, because in those instances they are.

Apples to Oranges

And remember, that essential oils are not FDA regulated so where is the testing and where are the results? doTERRA is the ONLY company that actually shares the results with you to lookup your specific bottles here.  

You get what you pay for.  Your health and your family deserve the best.  And unless you would buy medicine off the street from any Joe Shmow you should not buy your essential oils just anywhere.

Look into doTERRA and you will find that they are a company of integrity. They do no bash on any other companies but keep the focus of providing essential oils to best impact your family and the world for good.   

faster processing times

Compared to herbs essential oils are 50-70 times more powerful.  Making the less is more rule applicable.  With essential oils you can repeat as needed.  There is no need to wait in most cases to reapply essential oils.  Our bodies utilize and process what it needs and gets rid of what it does not.   Cleaning and supporting from the inside out. 

The difference with medicine is that is has a half life.  Basically the reason why you have to wait in between doses with medication is because if taken too close together it can lead to a build up and potentially a toxic level of that specific drug in your system.  A big no-no.  

With that being said this isn’t about choosing one or the other but recognizing the differences.  Essential oils are supplements.  Supplements support.  


Progress Not Perfection Blog/Audio Post

It is important that when deciding effective essential oils are something you want to benefit from I am here for you.  After 12 years as a registered nurse and being a mom since 2008, and four kids later,  I understand what it is like to bridge the gap between medicine and essential oils.  Balanced Motherhood as I like to call it.  Not choosing between the two but knowing there are options and not limitations. 

As a matter of fact doTERRRA essential oils can make certain medications more effective or compliment a treatment plan.  doTERRA Essential oils are emotionally supportive,  have Medlittle to no side effects, and are safe for your whole family. 

I hope that this article has shed some light and helped clear up that it is not a competition between two modalities of helping our bodies.  There is a time and place for everything.

In closing, the only essential oil company that is creating healthcare clinics is doTERRA.  More on that later 😉

Over & Out,


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Author: Allison Dreher