April Giveaways

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Holla to Spring! Thank you to everyone who stops by my little corner of the world!  As a thank you to those who have gotten 3 days of Easy Essential Oils!  Also huge thanks to my Oil Corner VIP Customers!

As a thank you to the moon and back here are a whole slew of giveaways!

First though, if you become an Oil Corner VIP this month be on the lookout for a mint package with gold arrows (as seen below) on it.  In it are a few goodies to make using your essential oil journey easier. 

Second, doTERRA is a global company so also look at your countries promotions by clicking here and selecting your country/region.  And finally let’s dive into these giveaways

Allison Dreher VIP Program

Exclusives For Oil Corner VIP Customers

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Spring is here which means getting into a swimsuit is fast approaching.  With that being said more walks and yoga are on my agenda.  More movement means more muscle aches.  So, to help keep those or at the very least alleviate the “hurt so good” kind of feeling are Deep Blue and Lemongrass.  

You will love how these two naturally ease the tension that builds up.  To be entered to win place your essential order (must be an Oil Corner VIP) or get started this month by April 15th.  All orders will be entered to win and announced in the VIP Customer Portal

Allison Dreher VIP Program

Spring means detox and cleaning things out.   Why not start with your pores and your armpits?  Yes, armpits.  Our lymph nodes help cleanse our body and are located in our armpits amongst other places.  If our lymph nodes or lymphatic system are congested then we are holding onto toxins and running on sluggish.  

The detoxifying mud mask is great to help you get the glow on your face and also clean out toxins.  Along with the mud mask is a zipper pouch to hold makeup, diaper and wipes, or extra essential oils to have in your purse.

All orders placed by April 20th will be entered to win this amazing duo!

Allison Dreher VIP Program

The final Oil Corner VIP Customer (new and existing) who place an order in April is Mito2Max and OnGuard hand sanitizer.  Mito2Max is for all things energy and healthy cells.  Perfect to replace that afternoon cup or coffee and be able to enjoy the evenings without yawning.  

On Guard Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol free spray that will cleanse even the smallest of hands.  Easy to keep in the stroller, the car, or diaper bag.  Sanitize your littles hands, and your own without harmful chemicals. 

All orders placed by April 30th will be entered to win this dynamic duo!

Allison Dreher VIP Program

Oil Corner Subscribers

It has been requested by readers of the blog section here to have a way to subscribe and get more essential oil information.  With that being said you can now get 3 Days of Easy Essential Oils (link down below), and then the occasional update.  Keeping you up to date on The Oil Corner shenanigans. 

With that being said I wanted to say thank you as you subscribe and welcome a couple notifications a month into your inbox.  I promise to not spam or be blowing up your inbox.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Allison Dreher VIP Program

The above picture is of my littlest and reminds me to fill up my cup before being able to truly pour out positivity.  One of the things that has strengthened my marriage tremendously is learning how to love and be loved. 

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman breaks down the five ways most people give and receive love in a really simple way to understand.  And because my husbands top love language (there is a quiz online here) is touch and I talk about massage quite a bit a doTERRA Spa Lotion is included.

Now let me tell you that my lowest ranking love language is touch and it has been a challenge for me to embrace this.  However, the challenge has had great rewards in the bedroom and out 🙂

All subscribers are entered to win and will be chosen and announced on April 30th for the combo below. 

Allison Dreher VIP Program

Finally, the last giveaway is a movie called War Room.  The reason I love this movie is it opened my mind to pray with passion.  And not just mumble meaningless words.  It taught me the power of prayer and that when we believe magic can happen.

Also included is an essential oil that is unavailable for purchase called Amavi.   This blend is great to calm nerves and anxious feelings.  Apply it to your wrist or neck to take the edge off the day.

All subscribers who are subscribed will be entered to win,  and a winner will be chosen and announced on April 30th as well. 

Allison Dreher VIP Program

Thank you to the moon & Back

Thank you for taking the time to subscribe and/or become an Oil Corner VIP.  It makes my heart sing to hear stories of success with Bare Mama Hormones Unleashed and the advice given here is falling on hearts and minds that need it.  

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