Essential oil scanner

Ever Wonder Which Oil?

I am a huge advocate for using doTERRA essential oils to support my families health.  If one of my kids seems to be coming down with something using doTERRA essential oils to help their bodies fight off germs is our norm.  

However, sometimes I would like to know more specifically what exactly would best benefit their body.  Insert my little handheld friend called, Itovi. 

Allison Dreher
Not your moms essential oils

Essential Oils Are Versatile

Most importantly a large amount of essential oils can be used interchangeably if you are without a specific one.  For example, when Melissa is needed I may use Elevation instead because the price is lower and Elevation contains Melissa in it.

However, when they are really fighting something off this handy little oil scanner is used to tell me exactly what would benefit their bodies the most at that time.  

The Guessing is Over

It is an essential piece of the puzzle when someone is not feeling well, and lets face it much cheaper than a co-pay. 

To be clear I am 100% not against modern medicine, but have been massively successful with the day to day, and occasionally more intense things by using doTERRA essential oils. 

Itovi Scanner
Photo from Itovi's Website

Get your itovi scanner today

Before ordering your Itovi let me tell you that it is really easy to use.  You can hold it in the palm of your hand.  For toddlers and babies I hold it against the bottom of their foot, it takes less than a minute.

Not all of the oils are needed but tell you what your body will really appreciate getting if you have it.  

This is a tool to help support your body and health.  As with all things that have value there is a price involved.  Personally, I chose the monthly option and started out by paying $39.99 a month.  After referring further oil friends I pay $9.99 a month and love it!

If you are inclined you may use my referral id: 21767 I will send you a bottle of Wild Orange for free!

If you have a fellow Oil Corner friend use their referral code so they get a cheaper rate.  

It is 100% worth it.