POop Catastrophe laughing through mom life
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Poop Catastrophe

{A mom life funny}

Summer pool party and swim diaper fail.  My in-laws are the typical 1950s Leave it to Beaver kind of people. To be honest their toilets are probably cleaner than my counter tops.  My toddler at the time needed his diaper changed, and because my mother in law is the all prepared grandmother there is a changing table complete with 1980s mobile right above. 

As I got to changing his diaper I quickly realized this was not a one wipe stop.  With one hand I have a poopy diaper in my hand and in the other I am reaching to get more wipes from the diaper bag.

Again, ill prepared in life 😉

Poop Catastrophe

Rainbow effect of poop

All of this is happening with a squirming toddler on the table.  Before I know it said toddler is about to roll off the table.  My reaction is to wind up for a pitch kind of grab with the poopy diaper in hand. 

The result is a safe babe and poop everywhere

Think rainbow effect.  

After getting the toddler squared away and the bathroom cleaned up I let my mother-in-law know of what happened.  She laughed it off and brought in cleaning supplies.  We kept it between the two of us until…

As we are all sitting down for the typical summer grill session meal my father-in-law (a no non sense kind of guy) comes out and announces he found what appeared to be an M&M on the bathroom rug and wanted to know which kid had been eating not at a table but taking food into the bathroom….

Laughing through mom life

Who's M&M is this?

My mother-in-law and I looked at each other and she belted out laughing.  Laughing through tears that it was NOT an M&M.  

He dead panned us.  

Probably due to the fact that he picked it up with his bare hands! Through laughter I asked what he did with it and he thankfully said he threw it away.  

Can you imagine if he had eaten it?!

Let’s just say he still does not find it funny, despite trying explain my baby saving, terrible swim diaper situation.  

The point being sometimes gross things happen and despite the humiliation I felt about reporting the poop instance laughter came out of it. 

Or the point could be a little chuckle amidst the day in a day out of being a mom.  

Or that no matter how many diapers I’ve changed I still make mistakes 🤪.

Over & Out,

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Author: Allison Dreher

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