The Oil Corner Promise
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Valued Customers (VIP)

{Bringing Value & Respect}

Whether you start your doTERRA essential oil journey here or loving the blog portion, Welcome!  At the Oil Corner, I am dedicated to making your doTERRA essential oil experience a great one.  As a valued customer the first thing I give you is access to our private VIP Customer education.  

Featured here are videos, resources, and exclusive monthly giveaways (valued at $500+ a year). This targets the traditional uses of essential oils for your family.  Most importantly, you can absolutely use your oils for your whole family and I will show you how.

Hormones & Essential Oils

Women's Hormones

However, what makes The Oil Corner different is  Bare Mama Hormones Unleashed.  Not only will you get access to the VIP Customer portal but ALSO learn all about taking care of the WHOLE YOU.  

Created for ALL women, pre-teen to the mature woman.  Our girls are little women in the making.  We owe it to them to educate them early about how to take care of themselves and have optimal functioning hormones.  

Valued Customers, VIP, The Oil Corner Promise Allison Dreher

Little women

The last thing I want for my daughter is to battle horrible periods, mood swings, and more.  Before puberty shows its signs and symptoms our girls are already dealing with hormonal shifts.  Let’s make this as easy as possible so when they become women they are not playing the catch-up game like this mama right here.

Happy Wife Happy Life

Subsequently, your spouse will think it is a little crazy at first that little drops of oil can spice up the bedroom.  But believe me, he will LOVE it as well!
As a result, balanced women’s hormones will lead to a happy and healthy sex life amongst a whole slew of other positive things 😉 Optimal metabolism, energy, libido boost, healthy hair, skin, nails, and so much more!

Wake up with the determination to go to bed with satisfaction

Transparent Truth

Yes, doTERRA is a multi-level marketing company and yes that gave me the willies at first.  I had ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN HAVING A BUSINESS.  To be honest I was content raising my family and being a nurse.  

However, I started asking myself, “what if life could be better?” 
What if there is better plan than the one I have mapped out? 
And, did you know 40% of new businesses are started by women now?  The more I learned about the reality of what multilevel marketing is the less afraid I was.  In a nutshell, with doTERRA building a business means very low overhead for myself and partnering with an awesome company to help families with a great product

And as a result, I promise to NEVER hound you to do this business. However, if you want to create a business with doTERRA I will support you 100%.  As a result, I am only one email away from helping you reach your goals.  Whether that is to find oil solutions, start a business, or both.   

Therefore, what most women want is to have an amazing essential oil experience, and improve their lives.  However, for others it is this nagging “what if” question that propels people into building a business that will impact their family for years to come. 

Free Stuff

One thing that people say about me is I am honest to a fault.  If you are looking for fluffy empty words, or long blog posts you will not find them here.  

 The blog portion of The Oil Corner is dedicated to sharing how to deepen intimacy and connection with your spouse, spice up the bedroom, and much more for free! 

Also, I know personally as a mom I am on the go and not always able to read something of interest.  So, there are audio recordings of each post, which may get some bonus material occasionally.  

Become A VIP Customer

The Oil Corner Promises to value you.  To support you and help you achieve your dreams, for yourself and family.  The only thing holding you back from all I have to offer is waiting for you to say yes.  Say yes to taking care of the Whole YOU.  To have simple solutions and fun doing it.

Over & Out,


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Author: Allison Dreher